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M Plus Parking Services Private Limited

Mr. Shailesh S. Pandey

323, 3rd Floor, Powai Plaza, Opp. Hiranandani Garden, Powai, Powai, Mumbai, Maharashtra - 400076, India


About Us

M Plus Parking Services Private Limited is a well-established organization based in Mumbai (Maharashtra, India). The Directors, management and our entire team includes mainly individuals and professionals, who have substantial expertise and vast experience in car park management. We continually groom the new managers and younger executives to ensure continuous success of the company. We take pride in being a customer-oriented organization. Corporate Vision and Philosophy
  • M Plus vision is to be the largest PARKING service provider with our initial emphasis on Mumbai's promising market and later expand our operations to other Metropolitan cities. Our motto is to follow a Customer-driven approach with reliable, flexible and comprehensive business solutions. We develop our business and relationships by focusing on a value-added strategy that exceeds customer's expectations and creates competitive advantage. This means we will continuously provide the highest levels of service quality to our clients.
  • The company will continue to strive for greater heights and its simple yet meaningful tagline reflects all these efforts as we say, M Plus is 'A PLUS TO YOUR SERVICES'.
Our Mission We aim to be recognized as the preferred supplier within its chosen market whilst remaining private and profitable. We are committed to Health & Safety, Sustainability and to making M Plus a great place to work. Our Aim To create additional value to your business by undertaking a range of multi-discipline services within your business - leaving you to concentrate on what you do the best Our Strength Our unique model of Systems-Process-Man Management works together in effective service deliveries leading to high Customer satisfaction. Our workforce of over 100+ trained and experienced professionals, which is consistently growing, speaks about our commitment and dedication to the Service Industry. Our Values We believe that our values describe the guiding principles which influence our decisions, behaviors and actions in everyday business life. We strive to give the very best services to our customer and use the core values as a frame work:-
  • Put Customer First
  • Foster a 'can do' attitude
  • Build strong relationships
  • Provide great value
  • Recognize wider responsibilities
  • Promote change & innovation
Corporate Goals M Plus was founded with two corporate goals :
  • We would provide both our landlords and our clients the best value for money from our operations. This means a maximum return on the investment in the car park for our landlords, and the highest level of service quality for our parking public.
  • The second goal was that M Plus would not constrain itself to being just another Parking operator by venturing beyond shores to bring our expertise into new markets. When entering new markets, we are committed to finding a local partner and to employ local staffs to run operations. Our intention is to train our staff to be the parking professionals and bring benefit to the country's employment market.
A Brief History M Plus started its business with the setting up of the first company in Mumbai, M Plus Services Private Limited in November 2014. Our core business activity is parking management and consultancy. We have succeeded in achieving businesses with the Runwal group, Neptune Developers, Lake View Developers-Hiranandani, HDIL Giraffe Developers in Mumbai. M Plus also faces competition from other existing professional car-park operators and other registered parking operators in the market. M Plus has to a certain extent limited this risk through its long relationship with the owner of the car parks through long-term contracts. M Plus seeks to limit this risk by continuing its relationship with car park owners coupled with its business plan to offer discounts, special price structures, signage, brand reinforcement advertising and other retailing activities within the car parks itself. We Are The Car Parking Experts In today's competitive and dynamic business environment, property owners and building managers are facing many challenges namely to boost productivity, increase customers satisfaction, improve quality, reduce cost and create a safe environment. However, most property owners know that they cannot do everything themselves mainly due to the lack of expertise on certain areas such as security, parking or cleaning and most importantly it is not economical for them to employ experts for limited number of projects. Therefore, one of the best solutions to this problem is outsourcing. Some advantages are :
  • Nowadays, outsourcing is gaining much popularity as an excellent business strategy in a fast changing technological environment.
  • By outsourcing, the property owners and the building managers can focus on their core businesses while meeting and tackling the various challenges.
  • Outsourcing can provide any organization to the benefit of increase in business productivity and efficiency.
  • For a continuous improvement, companies have to spend money on research, marketing and development on business procedures which they can outsource the task for non-core process to the experts.
  • Outsourcing can help the companies to reduce labor and infrastructure costs because hiring and training staff for short-term projects is expensive.
  • Outsourcing also provides the opportunity for companies to access to specialized services that have been offered by the outsourcing companies.
  • By outsourcing, indirectly companies are able to hire experts and specialists who can provide services more efficient than their existing manpower.