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M Plus Parking Services Private Limited

Mr. Shailesh S. Pandey

323, 3rd Floor, Powai Plaza, Opp. Hiranandani Garden, Powai, Powai, Mumbai, Maharashtra - 400076, India


Professional Parking Management

Our company is known to offer reliable Professional Parking Management services. We have the expertise to provide an efficient and professional parking service to car parks. Owing to our rich industry experience of more than 10 years, we have the expertise to maximize the car park financial return and improve the car park service to the highest level. Our team is capable of managing different types of car parks including office buildings, shopping complexes, airports, hospitals, transport terminals, open air parking, recreational centers, restaurants, universities, street parking and hotels. Get in touch with us!

More about Professional Parking Management services

  • As part of our working procedure, we will conduct a comprehensive evaluation and assessment of the car parking system before we formulate the best proposal to the respective client.
  • Our management team has been trained to identify the key success factors of each car park and will find the right system and parking policy to suit each car park requirement.
  • Furthermore parking industry is much related to the transport system and technology which require continuous upgrading to keep up with the industry development. This includes smart card application, online payment, common card usage, onsite payment system and up to date security system.
  • We have international network and knowledge that will ensure its client will enjoy the latest system available in the market.
  • Moreover the parking manager is able to reduce the operational cost due to the economics of scale they have enjoyed by practicing bulk purchasing on parking equipment and having lower administration costs.
  • We also offer consultancy services especially to property owners who intend to construct a new building. An efficient car park is actually depending on the design of car park and how the parking spaces are allocated to the prospect tenants and visitors.
  • This important evaluation definitely require an input from car park expert who will work closely with the architects, engineers, quantity surveyors, business planners or even town planners.
  • We will assist property owners in making decision for issues related to number of parking bays required, number of entries and exits, type of building structure, location of entries and exits, internal and external traffic flow, directional sign boards suitable parking system, parking allocation ratios for tenants and security systems.


Our core business activities are as follows

  • Car Park Management & Operation
  • Car Park Consultancy
  • Supply of Parking and Access Control Equipment
  • Survey of road and car park traffic
  • Supply of building surveillance system
  • Cleaning Services

Advantages of hiring us

  • Maximum financial return due to a continual auditing, correct market mix, effective marketing of parking space and cost reduction by economic of scale.
  • Highest standard of service quality due to excellent operations procedure and continual update based on international standard
  • Improvement on car park outlook with international standard parking system, adequate sign boards and smartly uniformed staff
  • All decisions on car park matters will be made on site, which allows for a quick and effective management. Our Car Park managers are trained to make a right decision based on his authority to ensure the smooth day to day operation of the car park. However, our team will report to the building owners for matters that require building owners attention or consent
  • We will act as a buffer to the building owners and handle all parking related queries, thus allowing the building owners to concentrate on their core responsibilities.
  • The building owners will be given several proposal options for them to choose. This includes the possibility for M Plus Parking to lease the parking space and in return the building owners will receive a guaranteed car park rental every month without to worry on car park operations.
  • We will assist the building owners on any car park matters that relate to government and authorities.
  • Professional consultancy services for car park management are always available upon request.


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  • We will conduct evaluation and assessment of your car parking system at no cost and we will recommend the suitable parking system, areas for improvement and attractive financial return for your consideration.
  • We are confident that with our experience and knowledge, we can help you in improving your car park services to the highest level of quality.

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