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Mr. Shailesh S. Pandey

M Plus Parking Services Pavt. Ltd.

364, 3rd Floor, Powai Plaza, Opp. HIranandani Gardens, Powai, Mumbai, Maharashtra - 400076, India


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M Plus is a recognized name essentially involved in the management of parking bays and car parks. We are subject to certain inherent risks of the industry, which includes shortage in the supply of parking bays and car parks, fluctuating foreign exchange rates, increase in the rental of car parks areas charged by car park owners, changes in business operating conditions, changes in the government regulations and changes in the business and growth surrounding the car park areas. Our concern is to limit such risks along with having diversification of clientele and prudent management policies in a hope to reduce the adverse effects on Metros business and favorable contractual terms for rental and management of car parks. Ours is a homegrown Indian parking company with its sister concerns in Malaysia with the same name. We are recognized for providing efficient and professional parking service to car parks. ‘M Plus’ is a brand name, which is recognized for expertise and deep knowledge in parking management.


M Plus Cleaning Services is a home grown Indian company incorporated with the idea of establishing itself suitable to the Indian Market needs. With the Company brand ‘M Plus’, it will bring to the market the expertise and deep knowledge in facilities management that will enhance the property’s image. Read more...